We Are Part of This Infinity

by Doxa

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Recorded at Obese Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon.
Artwork by Courtney Emery.
Music still by two idiots.


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Doxa Cleveland, Ohio

Two idiots from Cleveland making notemeal.

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Track Name: Apostate
Sentient vultures worshiping a heat demon. The advent of ego was when we were convinced that we are the center. Arrogance and ignorance are the best of friends.

Faith is comforting when you are fragile and taught to be silent and full fear. So lift your head and unclasp your hands. Walk on your own path. If we’re all sheep in need of a shepherd, let the wolves feast on me.
Track Name: Manic Pixie Mannequin
I hate your stoic nature. Say what you’re thinking. Stop leaving me in the dark about everything that you’re feeling. You’ve got your makeup, I’ve got my self-deprecation, and these days I wish that we were better strangers.

Belladonna, you’re bad for me. Don’t misconstrue casual connection with intimate emotion. These moments are hollow like your eyes. Visceral like 3am in my bed. Let’s leave the lights off. We always made sense in the mess of our tangled bodies.

Belladonna, you're bad for me. There's a snake behind your teeth you're telling everyone is just your tongue. The eyes are the window to the soul and yours are empty. So let's leave the lights off. We only made sense in the mess of our tangled bodies.
Track Name: Meat Space Blues
I’ve been thinking lately that I’m the worst person that I know. I’m self-destructive and quite narcissistic. A lost cause that’s not even worth it.

Born to be unremarkable in every way. Trading passion for stability while leading a life that’s redefining mediocrity. Where to next with this wasted potential? I’m running dry on this nine-to-five.

Bury me under the asphalt of this suburban sprawl. It’s a comforting reminder of all the things that I’ve done wrong. Like how I can’t tell the ones I love that they’re the reason I’m still here at all. Or how I’m failing at being a better man. Change is hard; I have too many faults.

I know nothing of progress. I’m an expert at dead ends and getting lost in my own head.
Track Name: People Monsters
Walking a fine line between progress and pretension. Overwrought with self-loathing and losing my mind slowly. The greatest irony: selling happiness in a can. A thirst that I could never quench. Too busy being lost in existential isolation to even notice that people love you and struggle like you do. Defined by my regrets for far too long I bathed in the rust I was built on. Burn it to the ground, construct something new.

What do we have to fear from way up here? How can we see with egos the size of cathedrals? I find the most frightening stories involve no demons, witches, or beasts. Without question, it’s other people. Reality is filled with their horrible deeds and it’s a constant reminder of the monster that’s living in all of us.
Track Name: Con Science
I'm sick of your bullshit and how you take advantage of those who care about you and you lie you your teeth and say that you care, too.

How do you sleep? With the way you act you must have no conscience. Slaughter like a god. Beg on bended knee. Give up the ghost and retain some integrity.